GNR8 Association Fact Sheet

GNR8 is powered by the Global Industry Development Network (Global IDN) which has a team of researchers and analysts spread across 16 countries.

IDN operates an association incubation service aimed at assisting associations who are looking at new ways to secure funding, sponsorships or grants, boost membership, establish regional offices or host conferences that make a strong surplus.

Association executives are highly skilled professionals in their respective field, and whilst many associations executives are voluntary positions we recognise that the association role involves a lot of extra work. As such our job is to help you grow your association through working smarter, not harder. We offer our areas of specialisation around developing revenue streams for international associations to enable you to have more funds to do more or what you want.

Registering for GNR8 is free for Associations, and when registered you can access support tools and a network which may be useful in assisting you with growing your association.

You can find about more about the Global Industry Development Network log on to, email us at or call us at +61 8 6222 1015.

We look forward to assisting you to grow your association.

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