GNR8 Proposal Professional Fact Sheet

GNR8 for proposal professionals is powered by the Global Industry Development Network (Global IDN) and is your ultimate tool for sourcing leads and managing bids and proposals.

It is designed to support association Executives by providing them with information on new grants, for convention bureaus and centres it assists in identifying international association's calling for conference bids and qualifying them through ensuring they have a business case to come to your city and lists the potential members or local hosts, and for companies it provides national and international tenders that are matched to your company.

All of the leads you find in GNR8 are personalised to meet your specific needs, that means our team become your international sales team, helping you to source leads from around the world.

GNR8 IS NOT a database of leads. It is a customised service where you enter in your organisations requirements and then our team members across 16 countries go about sourcing you new leads that are exclusively matched to your business requirements or local hosts. When a lead is uncovered we alert you to the new opportunity and then assist you through the sales lifecycle through to win. How much support you want is entirely up to you, but expect up to 60 leads a year to be sent to you through GNR8. You can take the leads and work it yourself, or you can seek further support such as interviews with past organisers, suppliers or recipients, lists of potential sponsors or project partners, arranging sales appointments in market with decision makers, and so on.

Within this system you can GNR8 new leads and seek support to progress each bid through the proposal's lifecycles. You can view a sample of the roadmaps we use by viewing the international association conference sales life cycle. GNR8 is useful whilst in the office, whilst attending tradeshows or on the road on sales missions. Wherever you have internet access, simply login to and enter your user ID. For fast access simply save a shortcut on your desktop, iPad or smartphone, or download the GNR8 app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

When you first register you will be given membership which enables you to receive leads and market intelligence each month, and then select additional services you require, on a case by case basis.

A Membership subscription involves a monthly subscription fee of USD$195 which gives you access to up to 5 leads per month, plus you can select and pay for additional services as required. If you prefer to pay by monthly invoice, contact us at to discuss a partnership agreement.

A GNR8 subscription will take up to 48 hours to process, at which point a password is sent to you. This review involves the Global Industry Development Network assessing the types of leads that are needed by your organisation, and confirming whether GNR8 is able to assist you with this specific business development. If your request for subscription is unsuccessful, a refund will be made to you within 24 hours through PayPal.

GNR8 is your international sales team, with Business Development Managers across 16 countries helping you to grow your business. GIDN aims for a conversion rate of over 80% on bids and this is the tool to help you exceed this. Check out what some of our clients say on our website or by clicking HERE

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